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Carp Soup

Posted by freakbox
Preparation Time 10 Min
Cook Time 30 Min
Tags: Hungary | Common Carp
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500 gr. Carp (2 large heads. Don’t waste the carp.)
200 gr. Carrots
200 gr. Potatoes
200 gr. Celeriac root
1 big onion
1 tea spoon black pepper
Few leaves of the Celeriac
Salt to taste
In a pot with boiled water with some salt put the carp heads and simmer for 20 minutes.
Remove the heads from the water and live them to cool.
In the same water put the carrots, the potatoes and celeriac all chopped up to 1cm (half inch) cubes. Simmer them 10 minutes.
Meanwhile carefully remove all the meat from the carp heads and put it back in the water with the vegetables.
Simmer for another 20 minutes then besprinkle with the black pepper and the copped up celeriac leaves.
Serve hot with lemon.

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